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Peter Knickerbocker

Spider's Nest Pottery - Finely Crafted Stoneware Pottery

My Work – What I Do

    I am a full time potter. I do this for a living. All my work is handcrafted: my glazes have been formulated to develop the colors and patterns that are my signature style. Glazes will vary in color and intensity according to placement in the kiln and the outdoor firing atmosphere. Variations are inevitable due to the organic influences on both the pot and potter. My designs are intended to be fluid; each pot is made with its own character and the design work meant to complement each pot. The lack of redundancy in my work is also important for the sanity of the potter. The colors can develop with the shades of reds and blues- and the variations are to be enjoyed! Sizes of the pieces as indicated on this site are approximate (within a few inches). Because the pots are hand thrown, there will be some slight differences in sizes and dimensions.

Testimonial from a Customer

"Peter Knickerbocker's work shows what mastering the fine art of handmade pottery is with his unique style and flare. His work in copper red glaze is outstanding and his latest work with really tall vases are highly sought after. His work always sells due to his colors and craftsmanship."

Bringing Clay to Life

Never Settle. Take it to the next level and really let your ideas run wild. Make it show feelings and emotions. Every vessel has a spirit

I grew up on Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes, went to school in the 50′s and 60′s in Penn Yan, N.Y. The Cold War was raging and we were pushed to study math and science in preparation for our future roles as the scientists and mathematicians to suit the needs of technology. I wanted to be an artist and there was a conflict!! – I lost, but! – Finally went to college, and there I got my own way. I graduated from Alfred University in 1971. I ranked #1 in the School of Ceramics, graduated cum laude, and was inducted into the honor society of Phi Kappa Phi. I had wanted to paint for most of my life, and since I couldn’t pursue an M.F.A in Painting at Alfred, I went to the Rochester Institute of Technology and earned my M.F.A there in 1974. I tried teaching for a couple of years, then decided to continue making art by making pottery and painting on the pots, thus combining the two disciplines. While at Alfred I studied with Dan Rhodes, Val Cushing, and Bob Turner. While at R.I.T. I worked with Fred Meyer, Hobart Cowles, and Robert Schmitz. After earning my degrees, the strongest support for me and my profession came from Phil and Rocky Secrest. They placed my work into their shop in Cape Cod, and eased my way into the marketplace. Coupled with this was their willingness to teach me an awful lot about being a professional.